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Mobilis Consulting focuses on enterprise mobility. Here are some of our principal areas of expertise.

To view wireless LAN as just a means of connectivity is missing the point. Wireless redefines the way we view networks -  "infrastructure" can move and change at the speed of the organisation. Today, the wireless LAN has redefined what it means to be connected. It has stretched the boundaries of the local-area network making an infrastructure as dynamic as it needs to be. With standards-based WiFi (IEEE 802.11) and interoperable products, WLANs can reach applications that are unimaginable with a wired infrastructure.

With GPRS and 3G services you are able to access enterprise systems whenever and wherever you choose. These services offer mobile users the experience of having a near-constant connection to the network, and the future brings convergence of the wireless LAN and WAN technologies. Sometimes referred to as 4G, convergence will deliver connectivity and multi-media applications considered as science fiction a few years ago.

The mobile world presents a different set of requirements & challenges from the days of static PC's. System designers should understand the trade-offs of fit/function to design the optimal mobile computing solution. With experience, it is possible to design solutions that users like, systems that work well across multiple platforms, and systems where applications use the best-fit mobile device for a given environment or application. 

Enterprises are rapidly deploying mobile computing devices to improve operational efficiencies and extend enterprise data and applications to the point of activity. As a result, Information Systems management are challenged with effectively supporting this mobile installed base, and containing the spiralling support costs which often run much higher than the cost of purchasing the devices.  Cost-effective mobile device management is key and, at Mobilis Consulting, we design and implement the industry's leading solutions.